Camp Info

WHO: Ten girls aged 11 – 15 are selected to attend the camp. These girls must be currently residing in the Shefa Province.

WHAT: Annual SMART Sistas ICT Camp

WHEN: End of April, 2018

WHERE: Port Vila, Vanuatu

FEE: VT10000 ($100)

The SMART Sistas ICT Camp design allows each girl and her parent/guardian to attend

  • 24 hours of ICT technical training
  • 12 hours of leadership and gender empowerment training and
  • 4 hours of career exploration in telecommunications, television, radio broadcasting, computer hardware, software and services and electrical media


The participant will be selected based on the following requirements:

  • Familiarity with the English language
  • The ability to follow directions
  • Be knowledgeable with a standard QWERTY keyboard, mouse and a laptop
  • Have basic experience in using a web browser
  • Be familiar with the Windows Desktop and the Windows GUI experience
  • Optional: Have some familiarity with HTML, CSS and Javascript


You can go to the admissions section for more information on the camp’s admission criteria.